"John Peters magic realist kaleidoscopic panoramic landscapes hypnotically translate the visceral power of untamed forces of the terrain.

Visual dynamism explodes in John Peters’ magical realism landscape and floral canvases which are saturated with vigorous bursts of color, resonating as much with passion as with hue, as they emphatically communicate the visceral power of the untamed forces of nature. Enchanted by his subject matter, he paints the mesmerizing natural splendor of the terrain, illustrating hypnotic, peaceful natural kingdoms with magical vistas.

Deftly transmitting the sublime panoramic scope and energetic essence of each locale with powerful dynamism, John Peters paints as if under a spell. Majestic color opulence dominates the panoramic paintings of this Michigan and New Hampshire-based artist who explores the interpenetrating realms of light, shadow, texture, shape and hue. Fascinated by color, his richly colored landscapes generate a mosaic, jewel-toned spectrum diffusing a visceral sense of wonder. Texture increases the emotional perception and dynamics of the painting, adding a level of expressionism to the overall effect.

Offering maximum visual appeal, his unique approach to contemporary landscape results in images with numerous layers and details. Looking to the innate elegance of the natural world for his subject, Mr. Peters paints landscapes and flowers with a veracity of theme. Balanced by spectral, expressive brushstrokes and brilliant pigments, one finds a subtle but undeniable message in the artist’s cumulative work. This message delights the eye with hue and balance, expressing an emotion that surfaces upon studied introspection, moving us with imagery that re-defines nature and the external world that touches our heart.

Brilliantly translating onto canvas with a syncopated beat the magnificence of nature, award-winning painter John Peters has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of work and a painting career which has catapulted him into a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena."

Amsterdam Whitney Review, 2014

"John Peters' expressionist floral and panoramic landscape paintings are sensorial conversations between vision and passion. Manifesting his emotional sensations on canvas, an explosive intermingling of saturated color, rich brushwork, and delicate gold leaf application results in contemporary master works. Rooted in his love of the land, his flora and fauna compositions are visual narrations on sublime natural beauty.

Fusing classic artistic conventions with decidedly modern elements of abstraction into his imprimatur, John Peters employs a unique blend of traditional motifs with modernity. Yielding paintings stunning in visual form and symbolic importance, his series offers a portrayal of the dimensional complexity of the expanding energy of nature. Sunflowers, birch trees, and rivers are unexpectedly re-imagined to create new, unfamiliar vistas executed in dense texture, hypnotic brushstrokes, and an intoxicating saturation of color. Appearing monumental on the canvas, Mr. Peters' natural subjects are rendered as lifelike, evoking invdividualized moods, personalities, and implied movments.

Seducing the viewer with bold, expressionistic, and organic forms, John Peters arouses artistic emotions as each figurative painting is executed with an unwavering sense of elegance and attention to detail. Placing a strong emphasis on decorative features reminiscent of the trompe l'oeil tradition, Mr. Peters skillfully incorporates play on light and perspective to establish an unexpected vusal shift. Romantic and expressive, his colorific oeuvre is splashed with bright blues and embellished by luxe golden skyscapes and accents. His instincts and imagination take over, producing a harmonized composition and color palette, moving beyond the banalities of everyday life to reveal the extraordinary.

Skillfully emphasizing the harmony and beauty of the world, award-winning artist John Peters works and resides in Michigan, as well as New Hampshire. Extensively exhibiting in the Northeast as well as Europe and the United States, this gifted artist's paintings are treasured in prestigious collections worldwide.

Amsterdam Whitney Review, 2016