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John Peters Interview: The Kristal Hart Show


Halloween at Amsterdam Whitney Art Gallery 2015: The Kristal Hart Show


John Peters' magical realism landscape and floral oil paintings reflect his personal visual lexicon which is an homage to the majesty and power of natural terrain. Commemorating nature's divinity, Mr. Peters immortalizes the permanence of our natural world with his illuminated panoramas and mosaic-hued compositions which transport the viewer into a romantic dialogue with the natural world. Inhaling the beauty of nature and exhaling its joy, this contemporary master creates landscape tableaux with ingenious color and powerful light, as he encapsulates the spiritual essence and dynamism of the terrain.

A hallmark of the oil paintings by John Peters is the visual intensity captured within each image. With bold abandon, John Peters' signature style skillfully employs stark imagery with unbridled emotional content to create compositions that underscore his visceral feelings towards the external realm. Harmonizing an appreciation of the natural world with a distinct way of depicting it, John Peters' interpretive realms marry textured powerful, passionate colors with undulating forms which explode to create compositions which capture the many moods of the world. With swirling brushstrokes, his paintings burst from the frame as they evoke a sense of a fevered dream reflecting a powerful surreal fiery sky and forms which mimic the slopes of the waves and land. Existing as large vistas, the various points of illumination allow him to establish distinctive points of view, patterns, and refractions, all of which interact with each other to garner a powerful effect. His personal imprimatur, or his recognizable iconography distinguishes his works from others, resulting in iconic transmutations of nature.

- Amsterdam Whitney Gallery